What's Inside?

See what's inside your Box!

Air Plant of the month

A beautiful and unique air plant in every box! 

Included: species ID, background, care info. 

Perfect for nearly any lighting condition, air plant lovers, pet owners, plant newbies or anyone who doesn't like soil! 


Succulent of the Month 

Perfect for anyone with succulove! Great for brightly lit areas with less frequent care than most other plant. A unique variety in every box.


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We are at your disposal for expert plant care and daily inspiration for projects you can do with your new plant collection! The majority of our local and ecommerce customers start out with a curiosty for plants but are concerned about knowing what to do to keep them happy. So we work constantly to  make keeping plants a fun easy experience by creating new resources and providing one on one help to anyone who reaches out! See our instagram feed for project ideas, and our blog for care tips and cool ways to display your items. Got your phone on you? You've got Jen (our plant expert and founder) in your pocket =].